New Doll On The Block Finale

Nyla’s POV


I woke up early in the morning (6:30) like I usually did. Nobody was awake at this time, not even loyal little Chica.


I grabbed a slice of pizza for breakfast, if Kat were awake she’d scold me for eating pizza for breakfast because she says it’s “Not suitable for the most important meal of the day.” I rolled my eyes at the thought.


I took the cold slice of pizza and walked over to my favorite chair.


As I devoured the slice I heard the front door open.


I looked over…


It was Leia. She slowly closed the door behind her…


And walked to the kitchen. Then she jumped as if surprised to see me (I don’t blame her, how often do you see a person you barely know eating pizza in your kitchen?)


She walked up to me. her eyes closed as if trying to process why I was up this early.


I swallowed my pizza. “Sorry.”


She smiled. “It’s okay, I guess I’m just jumpy.”


“What are you doing this early in the morning?” I asked.


“I was out walking, the snow all melted from yesterday so I thought why not?” she answered.


I got off my chair. “But it’s freezing outside.”


“It wasn’t that cold, anyway I gotta go take a shower.” said Leia.


She then left in a hurry as if she didn’t want to talk anymore.


As I combed through my hair with my fingers, a thought came into my mind. She acted just like me a few years ago.


After Kat woke up she took me to the mall while Phoebe took Ella, Kelli and Blue to the science museum. Leia wanted to stay home.


“I’m telling you sis. She was acting kinda weird.” I told her as we got into the house from the mall.


She set her shopping bag down. “Well she can take a walk if she wants to.”


“Yeah but you should’ve heard her tone, she sounded sad and besides it’s like 34 degrees outside!” I pointed out.


“You’ve lost your mind, and besides, when I talked to her yesterday she was nice. Did you know she found her necklace on the beach?” said Kat.


“Wait? She said that? But when I asked her she said she got it from a special person.” I said.

“She probably got confused.” said Kat.


Then her face twisted into a smile. “Remember when you were telling Phoebe about the-”


(Excuse my hand – Staff)

“Don’t you dare talk about that!” I snapped, fighting the urge to tackle my sister.


Kat laughed. “Come on let’s go ask Leia where she got the necklace, I’m pretty sure she just got confused.”

In my head I doubted it.



When we got inside Leia was staring at the kitchen wall like she saw something on it we didn’t.


“Hey Lay!” saud Kat walking into the room.


Leia’s head snapped towards us. “I didn’t know you were home.”


“Yeah, we’re like ninjas remind me to show you the movie of Katrina as Inspector Patricia.” I said.

“Back on the subject.” said Kat, glaring at me because I knew she hated that movie. “Me and Nyla wanted to know how you got your necklace.”


The necklace sparkled, Leia touched it and brought it up to her face.


“Why?” she asked, sounding slightly annoyed.


“Because Nyla heard it a different way than I did.” said Kat.

I nodded. “Because you said to me that you got it from a person and you told Kat you got it from the beach.”


“What is this an interrogation?! Does it really matter?” she yelled all of a sudden.

That escalated quickly…


“Leia, are you okay?” asked Kat, calmly.


“No! Why are you accusing me of lying?” aasked Leia.


After that we just stared at her guiltily, to be honest her lying did cross my mind.

“We’re not.” said Kat.


Leia turned away a tear trickled down her cheek.

“We didn’t mean to pry. In our minds it was just a question. We’re sorry.” said Kat, quietly.

I just nodded, I wasn’t going to say anything until I was sure Leia wasn’t going to explode on us again.


“Just get away from me.” she said.


She then ran off. This was not what should’ve happened.


Leia’s POV


I was sitting on Staff’s bed, the only place I could go to be alone. I had lost my temper again! This wasn’t what a Christian should do. But it hurt too much to not be angry.


“Great job Leia. You just lost another family that would actually care about you.” I said to myself.


I used my dress to wipe my eyes as I sucked in a shaky breath.

“Leia?” said a voice.


I looked over it was Nyla, this was it, she was gonna tell me I had to leave and I would have to go back to the OG Orphanage.


“Hi Nyla.” I said.


She pulled herself onto the bed.


“I just wanted to say…” she said searching for the right words.


I closed my eyes ready for the words to come out.


“I’m sorry. For everything.” said Nyla.


I opened my eyes. “Really?”


“Really. I was insensitive. I’m sorry.” she said.


“It’s all right. I was being really dramatic.” I said.


“I was wondering if you wanted to talk.” she said.


“Really?” I said, dumbfounded.


“Yeah. I think I know how you feel.” said Nyla, carefully, sitting next to me.


“How?” she asked.


She took in a breath. “I didn’t expect to tell you this so soon.” She laughed but then her face turned sad. “When Kat and I were little we were the best of friends. We would climb trees and play all day together… But Kat had some things… A lot… Of qualities I would never had. One was her voice, she sang like an angel and my parents knew it. So they put Kat in a singing competition and another… and another. Sooner or later she won American Idol and in the blink of an eye she became famous. I was no longer her best friend I was just a kid sister. My parents changed too. They expected more out of me, better grades, pretty hair even a better voice. They wanted me to be Katrina, so I would stay up all night studying, styling my hair and practicing singing. I finally had enough, so when it was time for me to go to Aunty Staff’s for a trip I never wanted to go home.”


“That’s awful. Did it ever get better?” asked Leia.


“Yes. I talked to Phoebe about everything and after lots of tears, she called my parents and told me to tell them everything I told her. After that things got better, Kat even was there to say hi and spend time with me when I got back home.” said Nyla. “And I think you kinda felt like that. An outcast someone who was only understood by one person. It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me anything.”


“Thank you Nyla. I know it was difficult. And yes I do want to tell you my story.” I said, surprised at what I just said.

“I’m listening.” she said.

I took in a deep breath. “I had a brother named Lucas but I called him Luke and he called me Leia. He was the best brother in the whole wide world, he had taken care of me after my parents left us at an orphanage. A few weeks after living in the orphanage an older woman named Ms. Mary took us in. She was very good to us, unlike my parents. She was actually the one that taught us about Christ. After 2 years of living with her my brother joined the military, I was very sad but he promised to stay in touch. A few months later I got a package from him it had this necklace in it, I wore it everywhere and refused to take it off. About a year later a man came to our door. He told use that… Luke… Died in combat… I cried for days but my problems started up again. Ms. Mary got cancer and couldn’t take care of me anymore so I was sent back to the orphanage. And I’ve been in hundreds of foster homes until now.”


“I’m sorry for your loss.” I said. “What happened to Ms. Mary?”


“She died shortly after she was diagnosed.” I said.

“I’m very sorry, Leia.” said Nyla.

Something happened at that moment I felt free, like a bag had been lifted of my back. I was finally happy.


Leia’s POV Two Months later.


I dusted the bookshelf with my hand, I haven’t lived here long but I felt like I was truly home.


I stared at the bookshelf when the doorbell rang.


“I’ll get it!” I yelled.


I ran to it and opened the door slowly.


A package sat on the door step, I dragged it inside.


I turned it over and saw a note. It read: For Leia, from Luke, To accompany you on your adventures. The note was dated 8 months earlier it must’ve taken the postal service forever to find where I was staying. i read the note over and over again.


I quickly tore open the top of the box…



Inside was a small teddy bear, it was a chocolate brown color and had the cutest smile.


I picked up the teddy bear and hugged it close to my chest.

“I love you, Luke.” I whispered.


I hope you liked it! Did you like this post? I would love to know! Please comment below on your thoughts! – Staff ❤


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