Meet The Dolls!


Hey there! I’m Phoebe one of Staff’s dolls. Here’s my bio.

Full Name: Phoebe Melissa Parker

Nicknames: Phee, B-b.

Age: 16 (I’m the oldest!)

Personality: My friends say I’m motherly, smart, stern, quiet, shy, sweet, loving, hardly get angry and fun.

Hobbies: Read books, hang out with my sisters, cook, bake.

Favorite color: Baby pink.

Favorite food: I love salad and chicken noodle soup (I’m a health nut.)

Favorite drink: Flavored Water.

Favorite movie: God’s Not Dead.

Random Fact: I’m very protective over my little sisters.


Hey there! I’m Katrina one of Staff’s dolls. Here’s my bio.

Full Name: Katrina Constance Shanks. Stage Name: Kat Cress

Nicknames: Kat, Con (only Nyla calls me that, ugh!), Trina.

Age: 14, only I try to act older in movies and other stuff.

Personality: My friends *cough* Nyla *cough* says I’m bossy, stubborn, smart, sassy, a fashion freak, kind (only on like super good days), short-tempered (I am not short-tempered! HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!) and generous.

Hobbies: Singing (I’m also famous for my voice), acting, dancing, school work (I love school work but don’t tell ANYONE that) and doing make-overs.

Favorite color: Anything that goes well with my hair, skin color and eyes.

Favorite food: Anything pasta.

Favorite drink: Diet soda.

Favorite movie: The Princess bride.

Random Fact: I am a super famous star, in like everything!


Hey there! I’m Nyla one of Staff’s dolls. Here’s my bio. (Ignore the dress I’m wearing, Staff made me wear it.)

Full Name: (Ugh!) Anneliese Renee Shanks (there I said it).

Nicknames: Nyla, Annie (why? WHY?!).

Age: 12.

Personality: Everyone says I’m bubbly, funny, very stubborn, I have attitude, short tempered, nice, generous and a clutz.

Hobbies: roller-blading, skateboarding, biking, hiking, cooking, journaling, daydreaming.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite food: Pizza!!!

Favorite drink: Fruit Punch.

Favorite Movie: It’s not a movie but I like Superman: The Animated Series and anything else super hero.

Random Fact: I stay up late to binge watch movies on Fridays.


Hello! I’m Amelia! And here is my bio!

Full Name: Amelia Rey Skye

Nicknames: Leia, Leigh.

Age: 13

Personality: Um, wow, I don’t realy like to talk about myself, but according to Nyla I’m shy, quiet, imaginative, funny, somewhat insecure.

Hobbies: Writing, walking in the woods, dancing, singing.

Favorite color: Baby pink.

Favorite food: Chocolate!

Favorite drink: Blue milk, or you know, regular milk.

Favorite movie: Star Wars, it’s so hard to choose from them all!

Random Fact: When I was little, my brother and became just ‘Luke and Leia’ we were no longer called separately by our first names (Lucas and Amelia.)

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