The Girl They Call “Staff”

How I got the name:

So I bet you are wondering why I’m called Staff and not my real name (which I am not gonna tell you MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Anyway long story short I went to my co-op wearing a volunteer shirt from my church. On the back of that shirt it had the word Staff so my friend’s starting calling me Staff and the rest is history.


Star Wars!! My favorite episodes are 2 and 5.

Adventures in Odyssey. It is the best!

Willow Falls series. Read it! You will not regret it!

Fun Facts:

I am a Christian #I Am Not Ashamed

I wear glasses.

I have dream based deja vu. Look it up its pretty cool :).

I love Christian Rock like Ashes Remain (best band ever!) and Skillet (though my friends don’t understand why I like Skillet.)

I have a strong singing voice (which means it’s good?)

I like to watch many superhero related things (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Iced. Coffee. Is. The. Best.

I am a small squishy, noodly thing that is piloting a big slab of meat and bones (thank my sister for that line) in other words I am human… Or so you think…

I like to dance (although it’s very bad.)

I like food (then again who doesn’t?)

That’s it for now feel free to kick back and read posts.

–  Live long and prosper – Spock