New Doll On The Block Finale

Nyla's POV I woke up early in the morning (6:30) like I usually did. Nobody was awake at this time, not even loyal little Chica. I grabbed a slice of pizza for breakfast, if Kat were awake she'd scold me for eating pizza for breakfast because she says it's "Not suitable for the most important … Continue reading New Doll On The Block Finale


Writing Prompts

Hey peeps! So here are some writing prompts I wrote while ago, I would love to know your opinions in the comments below, hope you like it! --- “If I see another flashing light I’ll throw my hand bag at it!!” --- “Let’s pretend we’re friends.” “And if I refuse?” “You get killed…” --- My … Continue reading Writing Prompts

Vacation Time!!

Hey peeps! What up? So as the title said I am going on vacation to a different dimension filled with unicorns, purple water beaches, lush magical forests and sun (cause it's freezing were I live.) So anyway I have decided not to bring my OG dolls because... There hair gets stuck in zippers. Phoebe once … Continue reading Vacation Time!!