Hair Restoration Fail

Hey guys! It’s Staff and you might remember from my previous post I asked if any of you had ideas to fix Phoebe’s hair problem.

Well today I tried out various things…


This is Ella, Phoebe’s little sis. I decided to try the treatments on her first.


Her hair is pretty bad.


It’s frizzy poofy and tangled. So I’m ready to go into drastic measures, hot water dunk here we go!


First I boiled the water in my kettle, it took about 8 minutes.


While I waited for it to boil I wrapped Ella up in a towel, it makes her look like a mummy.


I filled a bowl about halfway with boiling water and dipped her hair a few times. (Sorry for lack of pictures I didn’t wanna drop my camera.)


So this is after her treatment, isn’t she adorable?


I unwrapped a towel and BAM! It’s a mess, wonderful.


So this is after brushing not bad, but it won’t stay that long.


Onto the heat products! So I’m a weird child and since my whole family has naturally straight hair so we don’t have a straightener. So I decided “hey lets use a crimper!”. I blame this part on my fever I’m experiencing, I get very delusional.



Needless to say it didn’t work at all…


I’m losing my mind at this point so there, braids. Her hair will stay in braids FOREVER!!!!

Okay here is the conclusion of all this…

  1. Never try anything weird while you have a fever.
  2. Don’t use a crimper to straighten your dolls hair.
  3. Never, ask me to restore your dolls hair.

On the plus side her hair got a teeny bit untangled and cleaner. And so ends this post – Staff ❀


3 thoughts on “Hair Restoration Fail

  1. rebcake says:

    Hahaha! The ending made me laugh. Don’t worry about Ella’s hair, it looks great to me. XD XP But of course, I’m not a doll expert…

    P.S. Get well soon. ❀


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