The Total Tragedy of Writing…

Stage 1. Finally dragging yourself to the computer, you sit on the seat your hand feels the oh-so clicky keyboard buttons and you write the famous last words… Chapter One… And you totally don’t freeze up and sweat nervously at this point.

Stage 2. You’re furiously tapping the keyboard buttons and you think you’re a writing master! Until you get up to get a snack, come back and have no idea what you were trying to accomplish in that paragraph.

Stage 3. You just wanted to define “defenestration” on the internet and suddenly you’re looking up totally random things, checking your e-mail, finding the right song, looking at blogs and totally forget that there’s this story in your taskbar waiting to be written.

Stage 4. You finally have a surge of creativity when you remember you didn’t read you’re science chapter or make your bed or do your chores… Guess it’ll have to wait…

Stage 5. You’re back at the keyboard ready to type out the latest idea and your mom needs you need to baby-sit these tiny little humans called “younger siblings”

Stage 6. Now you’re sitting at the computer… No distractions, you will write until you get past TWO pages! And then your dad says it’s bedtime… *Sigh*

Stage 7. Wake up, delete the draft of the story yesterday and start the new story you dreamed about last night and repeat the steps as seen above.

Staff here! I hope you liked it, I tried to make it as accurate as possible!



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