Playlists for Writing

Hey y’all! Now I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ll try to post more often.

Today we’re talking playlists! So usually when I’m writing I want to listen to music (and the occasional Adventures in Odyssey) but when I’m listening to music sometimes my choices don’t reflect what I’m writing. Like I’d be listening to Ashes Remain while writing a sad part in my book (there’s something wrong with me gals.) So I have put together Christian playlists for your writing…

For sad writing:

Danny Gokey – Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.

Holly Starr – God Is

Ryan Stevenson – Eye of the Storm

Barlow Girl – Never Alone

For King & Country – Shoulders


Action scene writing:

Tobymac – Unstoppable

Royal Tailor – Got That Fire

Ashes Remain – On My Own

Tauren Wells – Love is Action


For Uplifting writing :

Danny Gokey – Rise

Britt Nicole – Through your eyes

Jasmine Murray – Fearless

Moriah Peters – Brave

And that’s it! If you have any other music you’d like to add or just more categories you’d like to add please comment!


2 thoughts on “Playlists for Writing

  1. Alyssa says:

    These are some great playlists! I LOVE to listen to music while writing (like for one of my projects, The Hunger Games and Narnia credit songs; the other just random songs). Now I’m definitely going to listen to some of these songs!


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