Home – A Short Story

My legs felt like they were gonna burst from running miles and miles, never in my life did I think they would catch up to me.

When I say they I mean the creatures of Sin, they were wolf-like creatures with yellow eyes and thick red and black coats, each representing my sin and bad deeds and they were finally ready to give me what was long overdo.

The creatures chased me up Solitude Cliff. They came closer forcing me at the edge of the cliff, I looked behind me into Hell. It looked so dark and scary and I heard people yelling and screaming in horror. I made out an outline of a gigantic red dragon flying in mid air it had seven terrifying heads and ten horns, It had giant fangs, its talons were like spears and its wings were crusted with hooks and red scales.

It screamed at the ugly creatures and threw up its gigantic wings causing the void to fill with smoke and fire, more screams of terror erupted from the evil place, but the dragon seemed very satisfied with the screams as if it were music. Now the ugly creatures were right in front of me grinning evilly… They came closer and closer, screams of terror filled my ears. They lunged and I fell into the world of darkness.

The dragon stayed under me, it’s seven mouths opened as I fell, its talons were ready to grab my helpless body and pierce its deadly claws into my chest. Tears were escaping my eyes horror of what to come filled my brain. I got closer and closer to the evil dragon, a piercing scream from the dragon filled my body.


All of a sudden a light shone from the sky. The dragons yellow eyes were filled with terror it screeched and yelled, it flew deeper into the world of darkness with the disgusting creatures following it. I looked up from me and I saw nothing but white. Then the light hoisted me up from the world, then space, and then I entered the most beautiful place.

Its paths were gold, diamonds lined the trees that yielded fruit not yet discovered that was radiant with a color never known, so ripe that sweet juice leaked from the fruit and yet showed no blemish. I then walked farther and saw a throne beautifully crafted fit for a King of all the World!

But who was sitting on the throne was most amazing!

He sat there, a magnificent King but he looked gentle, kind and loving but at the same time strong and kingly.

I bowed low and stood up. The King walked up to me with a kind look on His face tears of joy filled His eyes, He then extended His big arms and hugged me! I then felt like all my bad deeds, faults, mistakes and burdens melt away, my heart and whole body felt stronger. He then let go and I looked at myself… My skin glowed they showed no blemish, my hair looked healthier, stronger and more beautiful and my dirty rags were replaced by a beautiful white silk gown with a beautiful jewel encrusted tiara sat on my head. I smiled at the King and He smiled back as if to say “I’ve always seen you like this.” He then hosted my up on His shoulders and said…

My Daughter has returned!!he said in a booming yet gentle voice.

Claps erupted from all over the place. Angels blew trumpets, Seraphim’s threw beautiful flowers everywhere and my family who had came here before me, covered me in hugs. I was home…


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