Missing – Part 1


(Nyla’s POV)

It was a boring Tuesday afternoon the kind of afternoon that makes you want a meteor to explode in your backyard or something…

Phoebe (wanting to help me to stop making weird noises and singing about being bored) made me go outside and walk Chica (my chihuahua) along with Katrina…


We stopped at the steps of Staff’s treehouse (walking a dog for 25 minutes is a lot of work) and sat down.


Chica was very happy to be sitting and went and sat on my lap. As Chica rested, me and Katrina started continuing our conversation we started at the beginning of the walk…

Why is Batman great?


“I don’t understand you Nyla!” said Katrina, pushing her strawberry-blonde hair away from her eyes. “Why is Batman so great? All he does is sit on top of buildings and scares people.”

“Should I list the reasons alphabetically, terms of relevancy or why don’t I just go into a big power point speech?” I said, blinking innocently (blinking always adds the innocent little sister look.)

Katrina rolled her eyes. She’s never understood what I liked about the Justice League Unlimited series. First off it’s THE BOMB, second blame our older bro Everett (who is currently in Hawaii for college.)

I was about to launch into a cool speech about the totally coolness of Batman when…



It was a tiny voice barely audible to anyone’s ear (namely Katrina because she has weird ear problems.)


“Did you here that?” I said, standing up.


Katrina (who was now playing with a blade of grass) looked up at me.

“What are you talking about?” she said.

“That voice.” I said.


“What voice?” she said, standing up.

“The one that sounded like help.” I said, straining my ears to hear the voice again.


“When did you hear it?” she asked, rolling her eyes, she clearly did not believe me.


“It was from behind us!” I exclaimed.


Katrina sat back down. “Sis, you have clearly lost your mind.”

“But I-” I started, ready to defend myself but I was cut off by another “Help!” this time louder.


“See!” I said, pointing at Katrina.


Katrina finally hearing it stood up. “You were right! I did here it!”


“It came from over here!” I said.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go! ”  said Katrina suddenly getting a sense of urgency.

We went up the steps…


I carefully tied a knot around a post to keep Chica still while Katrina went ahead to the noise.


Chica tried to break free whimpering.


After awhile she gave up and lay at the post.


I went to Katrina. She was standing against a pole looking dizzy.


“Kat, are you ok?” I asked.P1020355.JPG

“Look down there.” she said shakely.


She then walked to where Chica was and started petting her wide-eyed. Chica not knowing what was going on was very happy to get the attentionP1020357.JPG

I looked down. Sometimes Katrina could be very dramatic. Like the time she saw a mouse in her bedroom and wouldn’t go in there for three days. Whatever Kat saw was probably something minor… Or at least I hoped it was minor.

P1020358.JPGMy eyes had a hard time adjusting to the dark of the hole. At first all I could see was a blueish-purple fabric.

P1020359.JPGMy eyes finally adjusted it was a barbie doll!!


She was dirty, her hair messy and she barely whispered the word “Help…”

Yes! Witness my dramatic power!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!! Well since that’s over with I hope you gals liked it and I gained a new follower Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner! So thx so much for following my blog! 🙂



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