Update on the About Me page

The Girl They Call “Staff”

How I got the name:

So I bet you are wondering why I’m called Staff and not my real name (which I am not gonna tell you MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Anyway long story short I went to my co-op wearing a volunteer shirt from my church. On the back of that shirt it had the word Staff so my friend’s starting calling me Staff and the rest is history.

Fun Facts:

I am a Christian and strive to do what He wants.

I wear glasses.

I like to watch many superhero related things (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Iced. Coffee. Is. The. Best.

I am a small squishy, noodly thing that is piloting a big slab of meat and bones (thank my sister for that line) in other words I am human… Or so you think…

I like to dance (although it’s very bad.)

I like food.

That’s it for now feel free to kick back and read posts.

–  Live long and prosper – Spock (I take no credit for that saying.)


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