Old pics that I took a LONG time ago aka probably a year, tops

Yes I know I’ve been gone for a while (14 days) which I don’t know if it’s long or not but it feels like months :(. Anyway here are some pics I took when I thought I’d start an instagram about my Barbie dolls Kayli and Alyssa (pictured below).


The one on the left is Kayli and on the right is Alyssa. It took really long to take this pic. MY. HANDS. WOULD. NOT. STOP. SHAKING. Oh and it also didn’t help that it was  dark outside and every single light that does not come from the sun is yellow to my camera.


Alyssa in a wedding dress (that hole in her hands used to be where her ring was.)


I like this photo *stares dreamily at the hair*


This is awful quality but I do like the poses.


Alyssa at the red carpet (notice that all these pictures uses my older sis’s bedspread as a background.)


Well this looked good on the camera *slow clap for the camera’s filters*


Well that’s it! I wasn’t very into Kayli that’s why she’s only featured in one picture poor thing. But on the plus side I posted something <insert hand-raising emoji here> So I hope you like it!



2 thoughts on “Old pics that I took a LONG time ago aka probably a year, tops

  1. DelightfulWorldofDolls says:

    The poses are so cute! Especially that fourth pic. 😀 Makes me wish I hadn’t sold my Barbie dolls. *crying emoji* 😛 I love Alyssa’s hair in that third photo! That’s a really beautiful hairstyle.
    P.S. So glad you’re back 😀


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