A Walk in the Backyard and Discovering the Porch – Post By the Dolls


Hello there Staff’s lovely followers. Its Phoebe Melissa Parker (or you can just call me Phoebe), and I’m here to show you Staff’s beautiful backyard! So let’s get started…



As you walk down towards the backyard you go down these adorable little steps! I love how they’re made of rocks and look so quaint.



Also to the side of the little steps is an overgrown garden, I think it would be perfect photostory landscape.



If you walk down further and there’s an old post that holds up the porch, it ended up to be a beautiful photo material.



I got a little sleepy so I decided to lie down in the grass for a little while. (Ignore Staff’s foot she’s new at photography.)



Okay I’m back from taking my nap err rest and now I feel like swinging. But to get to Staff’s swing-set you have to go down more little steps because there’s a tiny slope that leads down to the other part of the backyard.



We’re here Staff’s old swing-set! I swung a little, okay a lot (swings are addicting)! And with Staff supporting me, I managed to stay on a little to get this photo.



I finally got off or got pulled off (I’m looking at you Staff) the swing to let Staff take pictures of the shed her dad and his friend built. We’ll give you the full pic of the shed soon.


Well now I’m tired (yes again, stop laughing at me Staff.) So let’s go to the porch…



Confession: Staff carried me up but I posed for this pic.



We finally got to the porch! Many things have happened here, like the time Staff got a gigantic splinter from walking on the porch barefoot. (You’re welcome Staff.)



Now it’s time to rest our legs (mostly Staff’s because she’s been carrying me most of the time.)



Me at the railing! Now I’m gonna show you the backyard from up here!



There’s the swing-set and the shed!



Look the shed’s the length of my arm XD!



Now I’m lying on the railing (again ignore Staff’s foot.)



It’s a long way down!



Okay now I’m off the railing and in the corner of the porch (I’m standing on weights if you were wondering what they were.)



Now to another part of Staff’s porch this is her dad’s (super tall) pepper plant.



Staff gave me a boost so I could show you the big red pepper that’s currently growing there.



Now on to some smaller and lower to the ground pepper plant (aren’t they cute!)



Here’s a tall flower bush that reaches all the way from the ground to the porch! I took a sniff…



And another…



Close up!



Okay now for that nap (I’m in the middle of the table…)



What? It’s time to end the post? Alright I’ll get up…



Well I guess this is good bye. Until next time!



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