Writing skills pt. 1

Let’s preview my writing skills! *cracks knuckles* My story is called… The Book Reading Lady. I wrote this like 2 months ago? Whatever, anyway here it is!

My little sister, Maggie and I sat on a bench quietly in the library waiting for our Aunt Kelli to get books from the adult section, our mouths both in a thin line, from a young age I had learned to keep quiet in the present of adults or suffer the consequences. Maggie did not have a problem with being quiet because she was mute since she was a baby, to our mother it was a good thing “Less useless chatter.” She would always say. Maggie started to get fidgety from the loud silence in the library so I pulled out a book of mine, an old and ratty copy of the Ugly Duckling. I motioned Maggie to sit closer and started reading…

One, one…” I stuttered, my reading wasn’t very good, and the book being dirty and torn made it hard too read. I decided to try again… “One, one d-d-day… A ga-oose…” I stumbled over my words over and over again, but Maggie stopped fidgeting.

A Lady looking at some movies seemed to notice me stuttering, she then walked over to me. She had medium-length brown hair, brown eyes and a kind smile.

What is your name?” asked the Lady.

I had been taught not to talk to strangers but she seemed so kind… “Jenny.” I said in a whisper.

And yours?” said the Lady looking in Maggie’s direction.

Maggie signed M-A-G-G-I-E, the Lady smiled and signed back “Pleased to meet you. I’m A-N-N-E.”

I looked at my book then at Anne and put the book up to her.

Do you want me to read it?” asked Anne holding the book.

I blushed then nodded, Anne sat in the middle of us and started reading…

One day a goose…” she read clearly, halfway through the book I started to snuggle next to her something that I never could do with my own mom, Maggie seemed to like Anne too that she sat in her lap.

In a few minutes the book was over and Anne handed me back my book.

Girls like you deserves a better book.” said Anne she then reached into her hand bag and pulled out a perfect copy of the Ugly Duckling.

Maggie’s eyes widened with joy and grabbed the book and hugged it too her chest.

Thank you.” I said quietly.

You are very welcome.” said Anne, she then kissed the top of Maggie’s and my head and walked out of the Library.

Just then Aunt Kelli came towards us. “Let’s go.” she said motioning her head towards the library door.

I came off of the seat and helped Maggie off of hers’ and still clutching the book to her chest we walked out.

20 years later I got married and gifts were given a bracelet, a bottle of salts, expensive apple cider etc. But the one gift I cherished most was the one Maggie had given me… The book the Ugly Duckling.


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